Our Birch Story

Red Leaf Home / February 24, 2021

Our Birch Story

Birch trees grow in many areas of the northern hemisphere.  They vary widely with different types of leaves and bark colorations.  In the autumn leaves begin turning brilliant hues of yellow and orange.  Shortly thereafter birch trees begin to rapidly shed their bark as a new layer grows in.  The bark is shed naturally as the tree grows into a new skin and to rid itself of fungus and other pests.  As this natural process occurs we sustainably harvest the bark that has shed to make our birch bark candles for you.

We at Red Leaf Home believe that our natural birch bark candles are superior in quality.  For over 30 years we have been producing the highest quality natural birch bark that not only burns clean but is safe to use.

We responsibly harvest our natural birch bark to promote sustainability and only harvest the bark that naturally falls to the ground each year.

The birch bark is collected by hand to minimize disturbances to the environment.  Our harvesters take great care as they walk through our forests. No vehicles, wagons or any other kind of potentially damaging equipment is used and only a sustainable amount of birch is harvested from any given acre.  Birch bark is left behind to return to nature and maintain the forest’s health.

The raw birch bark is hand sorted by size to better determine what size candles can be made.  The birch bark is then placed in our greenhouse.  A solar heated greenhouse is used to heat the birch to a high temperature.  The birch is left in the greenhouse for 5 weeks to make sure no unwanted pests or funguses enter your home.

Once ready the birch is hand cut to fit the specific size candle being made.  Every piece is then hand applied to our candles.  This is actually the most difficult part of the entire process and requires the creative skill of our dedicated team that have been making our birch candles for a generation.  Birch bark scraps are placed in our compost heap to decompose and be used in our garden.

Once the candles are created, they are left to sit in a hot and humid environment for 14 days.  During this time the candles are monitored for any signs of defects before being packed for you.

Our birch bark candles are designed to tunnel as they burn.  Between the wax and birch bark there is a safety layer which cannot melt or catch fire.  This maintains the original shape of the candle.  When the wax is consumed you can place a tealight or votive inside and continue to enjoy the beauty of the birch as long as desired.

Because of the natural variations in the natural birch bark wrapped around our candles, no two birch candles are exactly the same.  Mother nature likes variety and hence each candle is unique!  The warm glow and a touch of nature will make any room feel like a retreat.

To protect table tops, mantles and other surfaces please remember to always place your candle on a heat resistant base.  Everyone here at Red Leaf Home thanks you for your interest in our candles.  It makes all our efforts worthwhile.

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